Web Wars
Web wars
Designer(s) Bob Kern
Date Published 1987
Product Number TSE3
Product Code 7637
ISBN Number 0-88038-765-3

Web Wars is the conclusion of the three-part "Web Wars" series of modules. The Orion/Web conflict concludes



To: All agents in all bureaus

FROM: Orion Foundation

RE: San Cristobal Base

In spite of the progress made by Orion agents in the past, the small Carrlbbean republic of San Cristobal is still ln peril. Political intrigues are boiling up within the country while outside powers continue exporting their own brands of trouble to the tiny island.

While the duly elected president struggles to solve his country's problems, the deposed dictator quietly plots his return. A renewed mil/tory government would be a dlsa.ter for both Orion and the Island Itself. Any sort of armed uprising, whether succeuful or not, would halt the Influx of tourists so crucial to San Cristobal's economy. The agents on the scene must uproot any potential coup before ff gets the chance to begin.

But forces far more powerful and devious are playing for much higher stakes than control of a minor Carrlbbean Island. Unless checked, the balance of world power could be drastically upset and thousands of lives Jeopardized. It's business as usual In San Cristobal.


About the book



  • General Marco Bayo
  • Penelope Clavell - Minister of Intelligence for San Cristobal
  • Professor Dymtryk (mention only)


  • San Cristobal