The Ganymede Bureau is the ORION Foundation's weaponry and special equipment division, devoted to the development of special devices, unique vehicles and the innovative use of technologies.

The Ganymede Bureau is staffed by top scientists and engineers, including many drawn from the foundation's businesses such as Geotech and Mentex. A steady rotation of personnel results in a continuing supply of new and unique ideas.


The Ganymede Bureau is divided into four sections, called Groups and numbered one to four. Facilities are located the world over, with each geographical Bureau being home to several.

The G1 Group handles all administrative and financial needs of the Bureau including building management, staff recruitment and procurement of resources.

G2 is responsible for research and development into new technologies which may or may not lead to advances in the equipment used by agents and other branches of the foundation.

G3 manufactures devices and equipment designed by G2. Any further development is also in the purview of G3.

G4 is in charge of testing, distribution and training and as a result is the group with which field agents come into contact most frequently.


Most of the weaponry supplied by the Ganymede Bureau is standard military, law enforcement or civilian hardware obtained from the manufacturers legitimately, although a number of experimental weapons have been produced over the years, such as the Tasp, a multiple use Tazer-like weapon and congelador chill gas grenade.

Although the foundation's contacts in the armaments industries allow it to procure almost anything in production (except nuclear devices), the need for secrecy generally limits the availability of more exotic items.

For field agents, the pistol is the primary weapon, due to its ease of concealment. A consequence of the combat rules in the Top Secret/S.I. game is that the .45 ACP calibre is particularly desirable, particularly now that large capacity pistols are available.

Submachine guns and shotguns are highly effective backup weapons and shotguns in particular have the benefit of being legal to own in many jurisdictions which prohibit the ownership of handguns and automatic weapons. G1 can  provide genuine and valid authorizations and certificates for any legal firearms in virtually any country of the world through contacts and sympathizers within the relevant licensing agencies.

Guards in foundation facilities and members of Titan Teams have access to more powerful ordnance, including machine guns and guided missiles. Modern assault rifles and personal defence weapons are standard issue.

For close combat, G3 produces a multitool containing a lockable combat blade which, whilst technically illegal in most countries, is similar enough in appearance to commercially available multitools to pass a cursory inspection without arousing suspicion.


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